Thursday, October 31, 2013

Minecraft is Online and it's Free

I keep hearing from people that they would love to try Minecraft but their problem is that they don't have a credit card of paypal to pay for the game.  It's kind of weird but the frustration got to the point that I decided to just host a server for Minecraft that would not require anyone to pay and it would allow everyone to enjoy the same options that a person that pays enjoys.  It's by no means a bad thing, on the contrary, it's better for the developers that way the game can be exposed to more users and that way once the user has the ability to purchase the game they can go ahead and do so.  Why even do that you ask?  Well it's simple, if you want to keep enjoy a quality game like Minecraft, you would want to support the developers of the game, that way they can keep updating the game for all of us to enjoy.

Anyway enough rant, our server allows people to play multiplayer, which is the mode that everyone loves, its super fun and addicting.  I can't even begin to count how many hours have just gone in what seems to me a matter of minutes.  Here is your chance to play Minecraft for free.  No need for subscriptions or payments of any kind.  You want to enjoy a game that allows you the freedom to create crazy structures and that offers infinite customization, look no further, Minecraft is the game you want to play.  The game also allows for great action in survival mode.  Everyone loves killing monsters!   Our server allows up to 60 players to play at any given time and our server has over 100 hours of gameplay in it.  So you can imagine the crazy creations that are already made by all our users.  So what are you waiting for?  Let's play Minecraft! 

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